PASCOGAS is a shiping company formed in December 2019. Under PASCOGAS’ full Management, Two modern MGCs ( 2013 built, 38,000 cbm) PASCO ANKA and IGLC DICLE have been operated till 2022. PASCO ODIN has joined to the fleet in 2022. We as PASCOGAS has developed into one of the Turkey’s leading transporters of LPG and fully refrigerated ammonia.

As Pascogas, we are proud of being one of the first shipowners in the world to take initiative and invest in environmentally friendly ships in order to make shipping more sustainable. Until 2025, 3 MGC LPG carriers ( two pieces 40k cbm and one piece 45k cbm), which have the status of the most environmentally friendly ships with the latest technology, will join our fleet.

Pascogas has its headquarters in Istanbul. Pascogas’ main goal is having a fleet of modern and efficient vessels, all built in accordance with the most up-to-date specifications and fitted with new and efficient technology. By ordering one of the very first state-of-art gas carriers to Hyundai ship yard in early 2020, Pascogas acted in accordance with its environmental, social and governance policy, which calls for the use of cleaner fuels as a means to lower the industry’s carbon footprint. A modern fleet and highly trained employees Combined with financial, operational and Technical ability, will allow Pascogas to create long term growth and profitability.


Providing sustainable shipping for a sustainable green world.
Our mission is our reason to exist. It defines how to be aligning the big picture with the day-to-day. Arranging clean, safe, efficient, reliable and trouble free transportation represents our commitment to emission abatement and sustainable shipping practices. At PascoGas we believe that success can be celebrated only when it is achieved in the right way.


Environmental sustainability Full regulatory compliance with Flag State, IMO,SIRE Strategic partners across the world Large, globally traded fleet
Our vision is based on creating a sustainable world for future generations to rely on and appreciate. Gaining trust will always be one of our biggest goals while working on this purpose.



Providing trustworthy relationships with stress-free service and being reliable when faced with tough decisions.


Performing above expectations, taking initiative and working in line with PascoGas’ ambitions and personal goals. Teamwork and cross-functional orientation highly skilled employees with career progression.


In House Technical Management Shaped by Lean Thinking approach in compliance with TMSA .


Providing sustainable shipping for a sustainable green world