About Us

About Us

PascoGas, established in December 2019 with its headquarters in Istanbul, stands as a dynamic shipping company committed to maintaining a fleet of modern and efficient vessels. Our primary objective is to have vessels built in accordance with the latest specifications and equipped with cutting-edge technology. In early 2020, we took a significant step towards environmental responsibility by ordering one of the industry's first state-of-the-art gas carriers from the Hyundai shipyard. This action aligns with our environmental, social, and governance policy, emphasizing the use of cleaner fuels to reduce the industry's carbon footprint.

Our dedication to sustainability shines through not just in our modern fleet but also in our exceptionally trained workforce. The synergy of financial, operational, and technical capabilities positions PascoGas to achieve long-term growth and profitability.

As PascoGas, we take pride in being one of Turkey's leading transporters of LPG and fully refrigerated ammonia. Moreover, we are globally recognized for our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Mission Statement

Providing sustainable shipping for a green world is our mission at PascoGas. It is the reason for our existence, guiding the alignment of the big picture with day-to-day operations. Offering clean, safe, efficient, reliable, and trouble-free transportation represents our commitment to emission abatement and sustainable shipping practices. At PascoGas, we believe that success is worth celebrating only when achieved in the right way.

Vision Statement

As PascoGas, our vision is to lead in environmental sustainability, adhering to full regulatory compliance with Flag State, IMO, and SIRE. We aspire to cultivate strategic partnerships globally, underpinned by a large and traded fleet. Committed to creating a sustainable world for future generations, our overarching goal is to inspire trust through our actions, fostering a legacy of responsible and impactful shipping practices